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Who we are
BigstarFilms was founded by Ali Shahkamrani and Eman Shahkamrani in 2012 after 10 years of experience in developing tv shows, commercial ads, reality shows and music videos. It works out of Los Angeles California and Guayaquil Ecuador for both english and spanish markets.
Our Vision
As filmmakers and craftsmen we are experienced in problem solving and have a understanding of bringing great ideas to life. We love beautiful things and collaboration, as developers, we believe they are the key elements to making each production a success.

Video Reel

Ali Shahkamrani
There isn’t a person on our team who has more of an appreciation for the craft of photography and the story it can tell. A craftsman by nature, Ali applies these ethics to everything he does outside the studio as well.
Ali brings to each project a balanced approach that few in his field possess.
Eman Shahkamrani
Eman loves to direct, shoot and edit, and he does it all the time. This isn’t just a work ethic: making things is simply and extension of who he is as a person.
His creative perspective consistenly offers and array of possibilities, translating imagery into something that is both rich and memorable.

Behind the Scenes

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Music videos / Commercial ads

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